Work and Health


Workshop Trainings, Risk Assesment, Plans and Drills


Since the foundation of our company, we provide & give workshop trainings to all of our employees such as;

· Fundamental Health and Safety,
· First Aid and Hygiene,
· Emergency plans and drills,
· Fire training and providing necessary drills
· The study of Risk Assessment

In this context,training of all employees was the goal of our company and this “Education Plan” reached the 100% success.

Other Studies


In other studies made under the Occupational Health and Safety ;

· Work safety Our professionals , our Commercial doctor and other health staff took part in our "Health and Safety Unit" practice has been adopted and subcontractors intended to ensure that all staff , including health monitoring,
· We started our own staff " OHS Performance Assessment" application form provided by the internal audit team fills in every field,
· This application before starting with the fieldwork and field staff are provided the transmission of photographs taken with respect to OHS.